Pantry Armoire Ideas

Jul 26th

Pantry armoire – Even the most efficient pantry will eventually reach its capacity and the need for additional shelves will occur. Installing new pantry shelves is a simple project that will help improve the organization of storage, give you more useful space and better utilize one of the most important kitchen areas in your home. This procedure for adding a good support wall to wall shelf can be customized or expanded to fit your needs and pantry configuration.

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Measure the desired height for the new pantry armoire and mark this dimension minus 3/4 inch with a pen in the corner of the wall. Extend the elevation dimension pencil line marked in step 1 across the length of the wall, using a builder level to determine a level line for hat shelter support. Select a horizontal line on the gates in line with the back support line marked in step 2 to about 12 inches from each end. These are layout lines for shelves than support boards.

Locate wall lines along the length of the lines marked in steps 2 and 3 using a control detector. To make a pencil in the middle of each tap just above the rear pantry armoire support layout line. Note: Another method of locating wall controls, if you do not have a control detector, is to gently tap the plaster with a hammer along the horizontal line until you hear a more solid, less hollow sound, then drive a small nail through plaster about half an inch apart until you find a stud. When a wall rule center is established, simply mark 16-inch horizontal steps in both directions to locate wall rails.

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